姓名Du Sichen

性 别:

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毕业院校Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden (KTH)


Theoretical metallurgy



最后学位Technical Doctor ( PhD )



Before 2000, his research activities focused mainly on the studies of thermodynamics, kinetics, thermophysical properties and CFD modelling for metallurgical and materials processes. While he emphasises strongly the importance of experimental studies, he also realises the power of mathematical modelling. The research experience in the broad areas has prepared him for doing high standard industrial research and consulting. Having the ambition of bridging the gap between fundamental research and process application, a great part of this research work is directed to the topics relevant to metallurgical and materials processes. In the last 17 years, he has been working closely with the steel industries, solving practical problems and carrying out long term industrial research programs in the area of steel making, especially clean steel. A number of his students have received PhD on industrial projects. He has close collaboration with many well-known professors over the global and research institutes like MEFOS and BFI.


Total: 264 publications, including 201 International Journal publications (with referee system), 62 conference papers, 1 patent.


9 RFCS European projects on clean steel, process optimization in steelmaking. (For each project: more than 4 European partner companies, more than 1 million €). A number of Swedish projects and projects from European countries (Steel, Si, Refractory, Lime…).


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